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The Great Conjunction

We won’t be talking about the events that may unfold during the coming air cycle here. There are plenty of real astrologers that can give you that information.

Things in our solar system tend to be cyclical. When looking at the way the planets move, this is obvious. It is less obvious when looking at the planets on a coordinate system with as many moving parts as the one used in tropical astrology. Sometimes these cyclical patterns can be so complex that they look like randomness. This is the case with the Great Conjunction.

The Great Conjunction is thought to happen every 20 or so years. it is thought that, for the most part, 10 consecutive conjunctions will happen in the same element. We know that this is not the case. There is a period at the beginning of every cycle where the conjunction will happen in the next element but will happen again in the previous element Around 20 years later.

Each conjunction (ignoring conjunctions that happen a year or so apart or those that don’t happen at all) will be around 100-140 degrees away from the previous conjunction. There is not a consistent, short term pattern in the distances between the consecutive conjunctions.

We are currently transitioning from an earth cycle earth to an air cycle. This transition started in 1980. Around 20 years earlier, in 1961, Jupiter and Saturn went conjunct around 26 degrees in Capricorn. Because this conjunction happened about 4 degrees from aquarius, an air sign, the next conjunction would have to be approximately between 116-146 degrees away for the cycle to stay in earth. This did not happen.

In 1980, jupiter and Saturn conjuncted around 10 degrees in Libra. The last two conjunctions happened around 106 degrees apart. Two more consecutive conjunctions happened in Libra in 1981. They happened at around 8 degrees in libra and 5 degrees in Libra.

The next conjunction, in 2000, happened around around 23 degrees in Taurus, around 132 degrees from the last. Because this conjunction was further than 125 (120-5+30) degrees from the last, the cycle didn’t stay in air.

At the end of 2020, the conjunction we’ve all been waiting for will happen around 0 degrees in Aquarius. This is the beginning of the air cycle, the transitional period is over, or is it? The next conjunction, in 2040 will happen around 17 degrees in Libra but the one after that, in 2060, will be around 29 degrees in Taurus. To be exact (as close to exact as my computer can be), it will happen 29 degrees, 56 minuets, and 24.02991564 seconds in Taurus. That’s really close. Less than 0.1 degrees from Gemini.

After that we will have 4 uninterrupted conjunctions in air signs. The cycle will last only 60 years. Our coming air cycle is short compared to other cycles. Our current earth cycle went on for 179 years uninterrupted. That’s a more typical cycle length.

A conjunction is sometimes skipped. The last time this happened was around 1822. They got really close but Saturn is much slower than Jupiter. He also went retro at least once and fell further behind. This is rare. It happened 6 times in the 819 probable conjunctions I had my computer find.

I was told that it is significant that Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus will be going through an earth sign at the end of this year. Uranus, from what I understand, represents things like revolutions, unexpected changes, and rebellion. He will cause changes in the sign he is in, Taurus, who represents stability, practicality, and is resistant to change.

In 2080, the Great Conjunction with happen again in Aquarius. This is the beginning of the uninterrupted cycle. Uranus will be in Aquarius, the sign that he rules. Aquarius is progressive and independent. Uranus and Aquarius should highlight each other’s features, right? So things will be extra progressive?

The conjunction this year will be happening very close to the winter solstice. they will be around 14 hours apart. The solstice is the beginning of a new season. Maybe this conjunction marks the symbolic beginning of a new cycle.

I fail miserably at interpreting these things. Please correct me.

Drawing lines between consecutive conjunctions produces an almost-triangle. Triangles are powerful according to a lot of religions and spiritual philosophies. It is tied to the number 3, a powerful number. The holy trinity, for example.

The triangle will be pointing upward in water and fire cycles and downward in earth and air cycles.

I don’t know a lot about the significance of triangles but I thought it would be worth mentioning.

Sadly, this is all I’ve figured out so far. The conjunctions don’t happen in the same place within 13,182 years. Finding when they conjunct somewhere they have conjuncted before is important for finding a definite pattern. I believe there is a pattern, there has to be.


3 thoughts on “The Great Conjunction

  1. I love it! You’ve done really well grasping the math of the cycle.

    WHY is this great conjunction cycle special?

    The upcoming new cycle begins on the Winter Solstice
    === Solstice conjunctions are rare.
    o 0233 Spring Solstice in fire at 28’Aries as the last fire blip of a cycle
    o 1067 Fall Solstice in earth at 21’ Virgo mid earth cycle
    o 1226 Fall Solstice in air at 19’Libra mid air cycle
    o 1425 Spring Solstice in water at 16’Scorpio mid water cycle (Mar 18)
    o 1603 Winter solstice in fire at 8’Sag at the beginning of fire cycle (Dec 18)
    o 1821 Summer solstice in fire at 24’Aries as the last fire blip of a fire cycle when the current earth cycle began

    Upcoming new cycle begins at zero degrees of a sign
    === 0 and 29 degrees are considered highly potent positions in astrology.
    0 degrees is the first upwoosh birth of the expression of energy – generally undirected and fresh with enthusiasm.
    29 degrees is the last blast of the remaining energy of a sign – the matured energy when the sign is perfected.

    o 15 June 0333 0’Libra – the first ‘peek’ of air in a very complex air/earth cycle that fought between the 2
    elements (0253 – 0452)
    o 11 Mar 0412 29’Taurus – the ongoing tug of war between air/earth
    o 27 Jan 0670 29’Aquarius – broke into a mid-water cycle
    o 22 Jul 0769 0’Leo – first peek of fire near the end of a water cycle
    o 28 Jul 0948 29’Leo – mid fire cycle
    o 16 Jan 0988 29’Sag – end of a fire cycle
    o 7 Aug 1127 29’Virgo – mid earth cycle
    o 25 Dec 1305 0’Scorpio – a very brief 4 month water peek that happened in the middle of an air cycle.
    o 25 Aug 1563 29’Cancer – 2nd to last conjunction at the end of a water cycle
    o 21 Dec 2020 0’Aquarius – the beginning of the current air cycle which also happens on the Winter Solstice.
    o 7 Apr 2060 0’Gemini – Happens mid air cycle in the upcoming cycle.
    o No more power points occur through the year 2400

    This particular Great Conjunction is significant because we already know that it particularly targets our relatively new technological age of internet communication. We know this because of the tiny air peek we got with the Jupiter/Saturn minor conjunction in Libra at the end of 1980 and early 1981. For that 20 years – the internet and their companies (because of the greater earth cycle) flourished and became a climactic surge… and then CRASHED when the .com bubble burst in 2000 when the last earth conjunction happened to finish out the earth cycle.

    The good news is that the 20 year mini-cycle showed the emphasis on the internet and connecting people via those technologies. The air cycle which is about to officially hit happens at 0’Aquarius – which is the people as a group whole – which reemphasizes the connection between those people. Air signs are about communication and connection – which will be particularly through the internet technologies. There has also been a surge of a type of ‘modern’ socialism which has sprung up among young people – who are too young to really understand why the ‘old folks’ consider that a bad word because of it’s connections to communism and Marxism in the past. Their use of it is not quite the same as the ‘older’ uses of it – which has created it’s own tension between the generations.

    Aquarius is all about socialism – in the sense that all people are equal and should have access to basic life experiences. There is no hierarchy in Aquarius.

    The intense Capricorn conjunction of outer planets (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto) along with the Capricorn Total Eclipse of December 26, 2019 which was conjunct to Jupiter – has laid huge emphasis on the turmoil and destruction of Capricorn energies. The governments (everywhere) and the ruler, the beliefs, the philosophies – all have been colliding with the people this year. People everywhere are discontented and frustrated – which is a good thing when something new is coming because people are ready for something new. Coming out of this Capricorn intensity and oppression, we leap into 0’Aquarius – the absolute new beginning of the sign, new technologies, new ideas and a new social concern. The fact that it happens at the Winter Solstice – which is the sun reaching 0’Capricorn is simply yet another emphasis on the new beginning, the new government, new authorities, and new ideas for how those things should function.

    I think everyone feels the intensity of the year we’re in. 2020 is obviously leading us somewhere new – hence the tension and stress of whether that will be good/bad. A new element cycle doesn’t guarantee something good or bad – but it will be fresh and brand new. The solstice timing and the zero degree energetic upwoosh kicks off this new cycle with much needed change and a relief from most of the oppression of the heavy earth cycle.

    Pluto will linger for a few more years in Capricorn – cleaning out the debris left over in the government/authority areas and Uranus will transit Taurus – changing the old concepts of security/economic that may resist the call to change that Aquarius represents.

    We will have until 2219 to fully explore our new possibilities in the air realm before water will cycle around and remind us that emotional ties are crucially important for security and families and need to be incorporated as well.

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